Fixed GROUP 6 Class Pack
$180USD / $30per hour

・Semester: April 13th to May 20th.
・No participant limit.
・Scheduled dates and times.

1:1 TRIAL Class
$20 USD/30min
PRIVATE 12 Class Pack
$32.5 USD/30min

Learn Traditional Japanese Dance in your country!

We offer Traditional Japanese Dance classes in English via ZOOM. In this beginner course, you can learn the first steps of Traditional Japanese Dance. All classes are taught online by a qualified native teacher from Japan. As this lesson is meant for newcomers, I will teach you the fundamentals of KIMONO wearing and Japanese dance etiquette, so please do not worry about your knowledge level. You may also join the class without having to wear a kimono or yukata if you wish to wear a t-shirt and pants instead. We look forward to guiding you on your NIHON-BUYO journey!   

Nihon Buyo is one of the traditional dances of Japan. It is the same dance that Maikos and Geishas learn and perform. Unlike Kabuki, which is forbidden to women, or without having to learn to become a Maiko from a young age, Nihon Buyo can be learned and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender, age and nationality.

Request Box
・Preferred date and time for your group lesson
・The performance you want to dance
・Your desired lesson content such as KIMONO

Story of Maiko

Maikos are apprentice geishas, who are Japanese traditional arts performers. Currently, most Maikos are girls between the ages of 15 and 20, but they used to be children between the ages of 12 and 17. This song is about a young and cute Maiko dancing.

Below are the lyrics translated by me:
If you want to see cherry blossoms, please come to Yoshino
Cherry blossoms are blooming very beautifully at Yoshino
Even if these cherry blossoms disappear in a storm, I will be fine
As long as your heart does not disappear...

About me

Chinami Hananomoto  
I am a certified teacher from the Hananomoto Japanese Dance School.
One of the reasons why I started to teach online Japanese dance (Nihon Buyo) lessons for an international audience is that I was greatly influenced by my mother, who is an English teacher, and by my aunt, who was a traditional Japanese dancer.
From a young age, I was taught Nihon Buyo by my aunt; however, since Nihon Buyo can be very slow, I sometimes felt bored as an energetic little girl. One day, my mother invited her Canadian friend to go watch my aunt dance.As my mother’s friend watched, I could see her eyes sparkling with delight, and to this day, I could never forget the joy on her face.
The traditions of Japan are at times very difficult to understand, even for us Japanese people. For this reason, I am filled with gratitude and respect since you are taking an interest in our traditional culture. I invite you to join my class and learn Japanese culture with me!


  • Tell me more about NIHON-BUYO

    NIHON-BUYO is said to have originated 400 years ago from the “Nenbutsu Odori” danced by shrine maidens to sell amulets.

    Among them, the most famous was a woman named IZUMO NO OKUNI. By imitating her, a form of theater named Kabuki became popular with female entertainers of the time. They on stage also began to work as prostitutes off stage. In 1629, the Edo shogunate eventually banned women from being on stage because they were “disturbing the morals” through their dance.
    Fortunately, the culture of these dancing women had not completely died out, and this is where the history of NIHON BUYO began.

    Kabuki actors started to teach people to dance as lessons, not for the stage, as NIHON BUYO. NIHON BUYO can be danced regardless of gender or age, and even today many NIHON BUYO schools continue to pass down their dances.
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  • Why Semester?

    Unlike ballet and yoga, NIHON-BUYO's lessons do not involve repeated practice of basic movements.We develop our skills in the process of learning new choreography. It's like a school, a place where you're always learning new things.
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  • Details on Participating in Online Classes

    ・First, note that NIHON-BUYO online classes are held over Zoom, which you can use by computer, smartphone or tablet.
    ・Please sign in 5 minutes before the class begins. You may not be able to join the class once it begins.
    ・When you sign in on Zoom, use the same name that you used to make the reservation.
    ・Please position your camera at an angle that best allows the teacher to observe your practice.
    ・If you have YUKATA, TABI and SENSU, etc. please have them handy. The teacher will teach the class in a way that requires no props, but props may make the experience better.
    ・Always practice at your pace and within your own limits of comfort.
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  • Cancellation Policies / Refund / Disclaimer

    Cancellation and Rescheduling of Classes
    ・You may make a reservation up to 2 days before the start of class.
    ・You are free to cancel / reschedule the reservation up to 3 days before the start of class.
    NOTE : If you have a booking and cancel it with less than 3 days notice or fail to turn up, you will forfeit one class from your package. 

    ・All classes and/or events, except trial classes, must be cancelled a minimum of 3 days prior to your first class to receive a refund, no refunds can be given after.
    ・All refunds requested by you will be charged a refund admin fee of 20% of the total refunded amount.
    ・Processing fees already paid through PayPal will not be refunded.
    ・There is no refund for trial classes.

    ・Online payment for classes must be received prior to the scheduled class date to ensure your seat.
    ・6 class packages are non transferable and must be used within the expiry date provided when you make the initial purchase.

    ・You are participating in my online classes at your own risk, with everything you do, being entirely carried out as your choice. I do not accept any liability for any injury or damage arising from the use of this website or through my online class. 
    ・All class material and audio/video recordings cannot be redistributed or reuploaded.

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