PRIVATE Class Package

$420$390 USD($32.5/30min)
You can get a gift, such as YUKATA, OBI, SENSU, by purchasing private package class NOW!

We offer "12✖️30 min private class Package (6 months expiry from your first lesson! )" customized to your level, needs and requirements. It is also possible to reserve two lessons as a single 60 minute one.You will learn the fundamentals of NIHON-BUYO through the song MAIKO.  You can also record our lessons. It will support and guidance for further practice after the class. 

・You may also join the class without having to wear a kimono or yukata if you wish to wear a t-shirt and pants instead.(If you have YUKATA, TABI and SENSU, etc. please have them handy.)
・Please prepare an umbrella.
・You may make a reservation up to 2 days before the start of class.
・You are free to cancel / reschedule the reservation up to 3 days before the start of class.
   NOTE : If you have a booking and cancel it with less than 3 days notice or fail to turn up, you will forfeit one class from your package. 
・We use Zoom for our online classes.
・Go to "Book now" and select your first lesson date and time and complete payment for your chosen class package.
・Once you have paid for the lesson, You will receive a ZOOM link for the first lesson and the booking link for the other lesson from Calendly (booking site).
・You will be required to enter your name and email address each time you make a reservation.
・The class fee is $32.5USD/30min for 12 teaching.
・Please refer to the FAQ for information about refunds.
・All class material and audio/video recordings cannot be redistributed or reuploaded. Please let me know if you post on social media.

12-Class Pack (30min)

$390 USD
  • 12 Pack (30min) or 6 Pack(60min)
  • 3 months expiry from your first lesson!
  • You can choose your gift “OBI, YUKATA, etc.” in the first lesson.

1-Class (30min)

$40 USD
  • 1-Class Pack(30min)
  • You can learn what you want, such as KIMONO and follow-up of your lessons.

Details on Participating in Online Classes

  • NIHON-BUYO online classes are held over Zoom, which you can use by computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Please sign in 5 minutes before the class begins.
  • When you sign in on Zoom, use the same name that you used to make the reservation.
  • Please position your camera at an angle that best allows the teacher to observe your practice.
  • Always practice at your pace and within your own limits of comfort.
  • ここをクリックして表示したいテキストを入力してください。

How to get  YUKATA In Your Country

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The “Kimono” and “Yukata” are traditional Japanese customs. The Yukata is worn in casual scenarios, such as for festivals or as normal wear. Most of NIHON-BUYO dancers use YUKATA as their lesson clothes.